I drove through the snow tonight


More precisely, I hovered over the snow tonight.

See, I have a hover Jeep. And it’s awesome. It’s not quite a flying Jeep (I’ll be buying a Boeing 777 one day soon to take care of that), but almost. No wings involved. I used to think the main advantage to the hover Jeep over conventional Jeeps was dealing with traffic: long lights, too many cars, cattle crossing, etc. But tonight I realized another great advantage: avoiding slippery roads. Granted, the roads weren’t incredibly slippery and probably didn’t even warrant putting it into hover mode, but I couldn’t resist. Accelerating and stopping no longer had to be confined by the traction (or lack of) of rubber and asphalt. Makes four wheel drive look like a child’s toy.

Those in the know may be wondering how this is something I just noticed seeing as it won’t my first winter with the hover Jeep. Previously I had the first version of the hover hardware which wasn’t capable of hovering over snow or water – think Marty on his hoverboard in Back to the Future II. Over the summer I had a new version installed that can handle nearly any surface in most moderate climates. Wicked. My new chairlift?


  1. matches 20051115

    So really, your Jeep could hover all the time but not on roads when there was snow on top of them?

    Anyway, my Concorde will whip your 777.

  2. jbucki 20051115

    damn, hover Jeeps before hoverboards. who would have thought? The Man really does hate skateboarders.

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