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In a few brief comments regarding doctypes, I was reminded “transitional is for sissies”. I quickly agreed before realizing this site was probably transitional. In shame I used the quick retort “You don’t know” and went on with my business cursing the fact I’ve never put any proper effort into this beast.

Though I tend to shy away from all the badges and validating links on the outside, the inner geek can’t get enough. Upon returning home I took a minute to change the DTD and check validation and done. Pages are now served strict. No sissies around here. I’m sure this will make your reading 8x more enjoyable – more so than a redesign would (likely to be -5x the enjoyment).


  1. majafa 20060615

    i don’t really need a redesign, but maybe just a color change from this dull, boring white.

  2. matches 20060616

    I think the solution is, and always has been, to add more columns. Like 60 of them.

  3. puddingcups 20060621

    white is an alright color, it is “cream” that is a more disturbing one. yep, shivers me timbers!

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