Microsoft pwns HP printer software


I thought Microsoft and HP were supposed to be friends. Microsoft acts like it. HP claims to be all about Vista. The Windows sticker on the front of every HP box would lead you to believe it. Yet their software doesn’t play nicely with each other.

My folks have an HP machine and printer. Recently when trying to launch the HP Director software (Director is a portal to all the printer settings and functions), the cursor icon would show busy for a few seconds but then nothing ever appeared to launch. CTRL+ALT+deleting to the task manager shows the application running yet no icon appeared to access it from the taskbar. It was running in the background but in no way was Windows going to let you access it.

IE7 hates Director. There was a comment on the posting announcing the Virtual PC image for IE6 to the effect of if the browser wasn’t so integrated with the operating system such a thing would never be needed. It was then mentioned that IE7 wasn’t as integrated as previous versions. Well, it’s apparently integrated enough to break other applications. Not like pressing ALT+space then minimize (twice!) to taskbar just to get access to a program isn’t inconvenient at all.


  1. matches 20061221

    This seems like one of those instances where both parties are at fault. MS obviously can’t check every single piece of software out there to make sure it works, *but* HP printers aren’t exactly rare, and this problem being caused by a browser is absolutely ludicrous.

    HP also should’ve been diligent enough to, uh, check their printer software with the IE7 RC’s or betas floating around, as bizarre as that sounds. They’ve worked with MS long enough to know that no software release from Redmond is without its complications.

    This does not bode well for Vista.

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