Nerves. Red. Spotlights. Black walls. Glass cases. Bad type. Oversized. Naked. Muscle. Huge animals. Too many details. Mirror. Sports. Popularity of smokers’ lungs. Free tickets. InterFun skateboard wheels. Way early. Hands Fingers Nose. Inappropriate jokes. Inappropriate laughter. I’m not a scientist. Or a doctor. OMSI. OHSU. No cameras. Audio. Dye. Cross sections. Tumors. Surgery. The Walker. Hair. Is that real? Action. Please don’t lean on that. Textures. Posters. It’s moving. Hall pass. Body Worlds 3.


  1. jb 20070614

    my initial thought about 20 words in was “bad trip?”

    body worlds is rad.

  2. matches 20070615

    JB, is not! Maybe it just wasn’t my thing.

  3. BETTY 20070617

    Oi vey.
    I kicked myself 350x today because I didn’t buy tickets in advance.
    Once for each person in line ahead of me. :(

Skateboards and bikes are better at nights

Skateboards and bikes are better at nights. 0 comments.

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