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Here’s why it’s important to me to be able to bookmark hurry-up quick soon: I’m horrible at actually bookmarking things. I either don’t bookmark things I should have or else I get trigger happy and make such a mess Google seems more efficient than my bookmarks folder when it comes time to find sometime.

Or, I use all the wrong tools.

Bloglines is built to read RSS feeds. It is not a web based bookmark application. Marking item after item as new as a means to remember it/find it later is ridiculous. If following too many feeds isn’t overwhelming enough, opening your feed reader to fifty saved items makes you lost. Today I cleared out all those items I faux bookmarked. Will it last? I’m not sure. I’m considering writing up an extension or Greasemonkey script that once a day forces me to resolve all the items manually marked as new before allowing me to see the real new stuff. Robots will control. Those items that I really do want to read but don’t have time/energy/attention span can get bookmarked in a real bookmark application and tagged ‘read’ or something to denote them as needing attention. Then I can write some more code to force me to read through bookmarks tagged ‘read’. Or create a feed of those items. Yes, this sounds like a great plan.

My other former bookmarking tool was Firefox’s session saving feature. Leave twenty tabs open for tomorrow. Great idea. Until the browser crashes and the session can’t be restored. Or some popup was left open as the last window so everything in the main window is removed from the saved session. Use a more robust session saver? Bah, extensions that mimic built in features are for the birds. I realize that argument could be used against half the extension I swear by. Shut it.

We will see if this whole tagging thing works out any better.


  1. Tim 20080116

    I know the feeling… was this topic spurred on by that comment at work earlier today?

    I can relate, though, being a terrible user of any form of bookmarks. I went through a lengthy phase of bookmarking religiously in delicious, only to realize that I never actually referred back to the bookmarks.

    What would be useful for me would be a search utility that returns results from your social bookmarking as well as Google results, so at a glance you may be able to find what you’re looking for quicker because you’d seen it once or twice before.. although this solution may apply more directly to my own problem statement of bookmarking crazily, but never referring back.

    Maybe Google could have a feature to let you rate any site you see to help optimize a better personalized search? Just throwing out ideas at random here..

  2. waytoocrowded 20080117

    Ah, what comment? It was spurred by my recent Ma.gnolia fascination, too many tabs from too many days ago and rss in general.

    The idea you describe is similar to Rollyo. It lets you choose which websites to include in search results, Google of course being one of them. I used to use it to search for html/css stuff because I could make it focus just on the sources I trusted.

    And given the topic, how appropriate that it took me twenty minutes to find that site again after having not used it in a couple years.

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