The yes and no of external drives mounted in OS X



OS X Leopard seems magnitudes better at indexing files on external drives for viewing in Finder than XP does in Explorer. Plues there’s Quick View! Trying to browse through a list of 2,000 files on a drive connected via USB in XP was excruciating. Browsing the same list in Leopard worked like browsing a local disk. Perhaps Windows really is just that much better at NTSF than FAT.


Is there really no way to permanently delete files and free disk space of a mounted volume on OS X without emptying the Trash? This seems ridiculous. Without emptying the trash while the volume is still mounted, the files won’t be available on the drive but will continue using that disk space. rm in Terminal seems to do the trick but command line deletes aren’t much fun beyond the nerd novelty.

If there’s modifier key or something I am missing, do please share.

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