I hate ravioli. But it’s not ravioli’s fault. I just hate its microwave contaminating qualities. Or at least what I perceive to be its microwave destroying qualities. Ever open a microwave to find the inside splattered with red and oozing the scent of a 4 day old meal? That’s ravioli. I swear.

The blame

I also have this perception of first year college students hanging out in their rooms microwaving pre-made ravioli. And making huge messes of it which are left to fester all year because cleaning it would get in the way a bro time. The dorm I lived in my second year of school had a furnished MircoFridge®. I managed to get the special version also furnished with the previous year’s ravioli. Way to go summer cleaning crew.

Post dorm-living, it’s the office breakroom microwave. Microwavable lunches are always ravioli and some how otherwise decent people forget that the next person to use the microwave doesn’t necessarily like ravioli.

But the unbelievable one is an individual’s microwave in their own home totally raviolied. Seriously. How?


  1. Andy or matches or whatever 20091016

    You have put a lot of thought into this. I can tell.

    I hope that you are not letting this aversion to one of the most delicious stuffed noodles in the world (out of what, two?) extend beyond canned ravioli; I can see a definite stigma forming from that. I practically lived on it in college (solution: paper plate over the top of the bowl), and while I still enjoy it, it’s nowhere close to the top of my list for foods to eat or buy.

    On the other hand, you’re doing yourself a serious disservice if you let this hate extend to good ravioli – either restaurant-served or the non-canned stuff from a grocery store.

    Although, you could just get tortellini. It offers similar possibility to the rav, but with a more pleasing shape, I think.

  2. matches 20091019

    I wrote a very long and insightful response to this last week, but it never posted for some reason.

    Basically: don’t dismiss all ravioli based on canned ravioli.

  3. waytoocrowded 20091019

    Oh hi spam queue. Sorry. Maybe it’s the emphasized link that triggers it? No. I bet it’s that name.

    I’m down for real ravioli. Just not microwave ravioli. And tortellini wins.

  4. Andy or matches or whatever 20091019

    Tortellini is the best. You can delete my 2nd comment if you want. And then delete that sentence about the second comment, and this sentence about that sentence.

  5. waytoocrowded 20091021

    I could. But high comment counts make even more people click and I like when people click. Plus this conversation is fun.

  6. majafa 20091029

    i’m all about the high comment counts…even more pleased when i see it’s matches commenting simply because i enjoy his insight and the comments are never the dull one-liner “yep i agree” comments.

    it’s been years since i’ve had any kind of ravioli, but i always enjoyed the microwave ravioli, made with a paper towel over the bowl to keep it splatter free. Same with Spagetti O’s, or even re-heated BBQ chicken…don’t be mean, cover it.

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