Sometimes showing a fondness of something can lead to overwhelming enthusiasm about said interest from others. A friend had this problem with penguins. He once casually mentioned thinking penguins are neat. For years following people regularly got him penguin related gifts thinking he must like it if it’s a penguin. If I remember correctly he pretty much despises anything penguin related now.

I’ve taken a liking bears. But don’t. Please. Seriously. I want to continue liking bears. In fact, pretend I am sharing this only out of my distaste for bears and want nothing to do with them.

It might have started with polar bears (which I also dug as a kid) but has expanding to all bears. Brown. Black. Grizzly. Whatever. They just want hugs.

Bears where even in on the nerd websites today. I build websites. Other people build devices to record animals in arctic climates.

  1. Wild polar bears playing football
  2. Baby polar bear
  3. Clever polar bear stalks seal 2:03, so rad.


  1. Andy 20110106

    Oh yeah? Oh yeah???

  2. waytoocrowded 20110107

    This clearly demonstrates that bears are more friendly than cats. Clearly.

  3. Andy 20110107

    That bear bit that cat’s face!

  4. waytoocrowded 20110107

    That cat tackled the bear and bullied him into a corner! That bear just wanted to play!

  5. Andy 20110107

    That cat just wanted to not get bit in the face!

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