1050X1680 + 1680×1050 = perfection.

I work with computers. I look at pixels all day. There was a time when I was never satisfied with the quantity of pixels I had. More more more. As pixels got cheaper I hit the magic number and orientation. I no longer want more pixels (and have even turned them down) and no longer need them to match.

Split screen

Pixel perfection is built on two screens: a MacBook Pro 15-inch Hi-Res Glossy Widescreen Display and a Dell Ultrasharp 2007WFP in portrait with black tape over the logo. Yes, that is a 4 year old monitor. Yes, the tape is required.

My work with computers involves a lot of debugging webpages. Having a monitor that leaves enough space to view a webpage is one thing but being able to efficiently view debugging tools with it is another story. It’s one of my gripes about widescreens, particularly on 13″ model. The vertical count matters too and 1680 is about perfect without feeling like you are constantly looking up to see the top.

Colors on a glossy MacBook screen make me happy. Watching videos on it makes me happy. A text editors with a light on dark color scheme on it makes me happy. The hi-res version makes things the perfect size and leaves plenty of room of Photoshop tool bars. Which makes me happy. All that said, a 13″ machine would be a lot nicer than a 15″ but the resolution is sort of a bummer.

One screen too few

What about those iMacs or 30″-ers with 80 gazillion pixels? Too many. Not only is it too many period, it’s too many in a single plain. The split works for me. It keeps me organized. Most importantly, it lets me see beyond my screen making it feel less like staring at a wall.

Also, your vertical pixels always go on the left. That’s the rule.


  1. Andy 20110205

    Is this your way of saying you now have a MacBook Pro?

    1050 is not tall enough for me. I want 1200. I NEED it. Alas, I make do.

  2. waytoocrowded 20110206

    No. It’s been my work setup for about 6 months now. I come up way short on pixels at home.

    That’s why you need to turn one vertical.

  3. Andy 20110206

    Vertical doesn’t work for me – I want the extra height (and width, preferably) for Photoshop, so I don’t have to scroll on a document that’s 900 or 1000px tall. Horizontal scrolling would be even worse. I had 1900×1200 (x2) at work, which was a perfect size.

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