I read a book on my phone


I can be a little slow welcoming media format changes into my life. While I haven’t managed to get through a book as a PDF on my computer, I recently read an entire book on my phone. And I liked it.

I think this is why

iBooks was automatically placed on my phone. Thanks, Apple. It isn’t perfect though. Those page turns are annoying. Loading the book was sluggish. Orientation changes were dreadfully sluggish. Why no light on dark text option? But I used it and mostly felt good about it. I hear the Kindle app is amazing. Maybe I will have to give in a little more, only if I don’t have to give my soul to Amazon though. I’ve also browsed books in Stanza. Moving a file from a computer to iBooks on a phone is simple; the way it should be. And the only way that makes it useful for me.


For the most part, I don’t buy books. I go to libraries. This had been somewhat of a barrier to consuming books on my phone. Sure there are lots of off copyright books that are amazing but often it’s a particular book that gives me enough excitement to make me actually want to read. Often one that isn’t available freely for digital consumption. It seems like that may slowly change.

In other news, seems I’m reading again. That’s sort of exciting.


  1. mark 20110124

    The Kindle App was on my phone. It works well, but all the free books tough to find and when you do find some they are rubbish. And I have no interest in basically buying text for my phone.

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