Spirit or perfection


I’ve talked myself into and out of getting a real camera repeatedly since high school. First it was an SLR. Later, the digital variety. I came real close a few times but always changed my mind in the end trying to justify how often I’d actually use it. I’d see my dwindling Flickr stream and think about how I don’t even take my small camera with me places much less a full sized beast.

Then I got a phone that can take acceptable photos in perfect conditions, reasonable photos in less than perfect conditions and terrible photos in terrible conditions. And then filter the pants off them with a variety of applications. And make panoramas. And make them look like a toy camera from the 60s processed them. Low fidelity.

The last time I looked at a photo printed from film I was actually a bit stunned. I’d become so used the to quality of photos captured by a low quality digital camera and rendered on screen. I’d like to have that quality in every photo I take.

It’ll never happen.

Instead I’ll have a library full of photos that aren’t technically sound, have blurred subjects, are layered with trendy layers and pixelate long before due. I’ll actually have the photos though.

Or so I once again talked myself out of a real camera. Though taking photos in low light and at shows will always make me said until I talk myself into it for good. Related, the feature most likely to convince me to upgrade my phone is the lens quality of its successors.


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