Places to go with wings


I watch birds. I’m alright with that being an old man sort of thing. I even did a bit of research to figure out what kind of birds I was watching.

My dinner table sits at a window from which I can see a real tall tree. I’m comfortable calling it the tallest tree in the neighborhood. Perched on top was a bird. The very top. A bird just chilling. I’m not sure what kind it was because my eyes are not that of an eagle, but it just sat the for a handful of minutes. Then dove out of sight only to return moments later. It was still there when I finished dinner. Watching.

The other day there were six birds in the bird bath together. Definitely rubbing shoulders. I’m pretty sure they were European Starlings but I’m pretty amateur at this. They also had a significant pre-bath feast on my lawn.

Western Scrub Jays like to hang out in the bath as well. And drink. They are quite the drinkers. And Song Sparrows.

I’ve been thinking about wings a bit lately and what it might be like if I was able to fund the construction of a spacecraft and all the related science of getting me to another world.

Every time I think I’m done writing here I end up with a flurry of posts. Every time I think I’m going to start doing more here I end up with silence. Maybe it should be a quarterly.


  1. mark 20110613

    I think I figured out your next hobby…get a pilot’s license.


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